From #LA, With #London Love

I'm currently making the most of being a sun-soaked southern Californian, from trying to be an expert foodie by artfully instagramming my meals at eateries around town to attending concerts downtown's various venues have to offer, all while working from an office in bustling El Segundo as a digital marketing account specialist and from my South Bay home as a digital marketing consultant. I also try to find time to stay connected with my inner aspirational Londoner by following various British YouTube vloggers and way more British Twitter accounts than American ones.

As much as I am infatuated with London, food, and music, I'm also immersed in the world of digital content and social media marketing. My background and work experience reflect my interests in creating original and innovative digital content to shape a brand’s image online that allows the brand to live dynamically and seamlessly over various platforms and screens. As much as I am a consumer of social and digital media, I also double as a marketer and researcher to learn from how big brands transparently interact with customers via Twitter using a distinctive personality and how brands are incorporating the use of YouTube influencers in their digital campaigns. 

I'm up for marketing in creative industries, especially via social media and through putting forth engaging digital content on various channels to create an exciting, cohesive, and contemporary brand image...all while eating a bunch of cake in the process.