#FavoritesFriday: Foodie Instagram Accounts

When you eat with your eyes, calories don't count

I'll admit it; most of my Instagram feed and profile consist of food shots. And I love it. It makes for an experience that's better than scrolling through too many selfies...unless they're selfies with a Belgian waffle. Sharing good eats I've encountered, seeing what delicious dishes people are cooking, and what eateries they're liking not only makes for yummy eye candy, but lets my foodie self know where I should direct my epicurean curiosity.

With that in mind (and in stomach), here are my top picks for foodie Instagram accounts that spice up and sweeten my Instagram feed. FEAST YOUR EYES:

"I like food and bridges. And food. And dogs. But mostly food. Co-owner of Crumbs & Doilies."

Jemma Wilson is behind this account and she's also the baking brains behind the bright London-based cake shop Crumbs & Doilies. I have yet to visit the C&D Soho shop, but I did have the delicious opportunity to try a few of their springy, moist, light, and decadent mini cupcakes at the Thursday market in Covent Garden. Lemon Mess is a personal favorite.

When Jemma's not baking luscious treats for her business that brings magically-flavored cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and whatever else is being lovingly crafted in that C&D kitchen to the London area, she's eating out around the English capital, which she chronicles on Instagram. As someone who deals with desserts for a living, Jemma knows a good sweet treat when she tastes one and has given me some ideas on where to get a sweet bite across the pond (other than at her cake shop in Soho, of course), like where to get a good version of my favorite traditional English dessert, sticky toffee pudding (*drools*). She also knows her way around a savory dish and where to go for those, like one of my favorite Asian dishes, bao. Jemma has been a source of good eats around London from a local perspective. It's hard not to trust her when she seemingly loves desserts, food, and dogs as much as I do...best friend material?

BONUS: Jemma also posts snaps from inside the Crumbs & Doilies shop so you know the haps and what's on that day's menu. Brace yourself for TANTALIZING CAKE SHOTS. There's also more of that drool-worthy filth on the Crumbs & Doilies account. Also look out for pics of her cute little Manchester Terrier, Curtis. #adorbs

"Best food in NY with the cutest baby in NY."

Amid all the foodie Instagram accounts curated with perfectly styled plates of food that are well-lit, shot with an expensive camera, and edited with the hand of a professional, the candid creativity of @foodbabyny stands out.

This foodie account is stocked with snaps of awesome looking food from around New York (and occasionally other cities) with a cute little kid, who has some serious foodie parents, perfectly situated in the background - whether that's to make him look like he's the Teletubby baby of a doughnut or Captain Fried Chicken of the S.S. Waffle. These parents know their way around one of the cities that's proclaimed to have the best food in the world, from the pizza joints to the Asian spots. Also, can't forget to mention all the sweets they eat! (Can you tell yet that dessert is my favorite meal?) I just want to know, where do they put it all??? 

This account is not only deliciously entertaining, but it features some serious good eats - it guided me to pick a few top places to try out while I was in NY for a weekend (re: Two Little Red Hens, Ess-a-Bagel, and Momofuku Milk Bar). But there's still a ton out there I need to try, but sadly I don't have a cute round-faced food baby to accompany me.

BONUS: You can also follow Food Baby's dad on Instagram for even more foodie goodness and glimpses into this little foodie family. Also find him on Yelp for hashed out reviews of everywhere he and his family eats, featuring more pictures of cute Food Baby. And because he and I share the same brazen love for chocolate + peanut butter, he's definitely a good authority on the subject of awesome #eeeeeats.


Anonymous Clerkenwell Boy is a prince of the London food scene. Through his documentation of his meal adventures, it looks like he's one of the reigning authorities on what one should be eating in London - everything from the mainstays at established venues to new creations at happening pop-up events. If only he'd take me out on a dinner date...or a breakfast date...he seems to be big on breakfast.

I use his account as a guide on where I should plan to nourish myself when I visit London again. Here I come Dishoom, Bonedaddies, and St John Bakery.

BONUS: He created "The Ultimate Guide to Dim Sum" in collaboration with jamieoliver.com for Chinese New Year, complete with a summarized history, a breakdown of a few popular dishes, a few recipes so you can make your own dim sum feast, and, of course, some delish looking pictures (ugh, I love dim sum).

"Food Writer • Traveler • Photographer • LA native"

Since I reside in the Los Angeles area, it only makes sense that I follow an LA-based foodie for the inside scoop on all the hot spots in my own backyard. That's where Eddie of @hungryinla comes in to shed some light on and share some gorgeous looking 'grams of topnotch LA eats. All of these well-lit and composed shots transport you to the dreamland everyone thinks Los Angeles is...and makes you want to put up with the traffic and ditch the bikini body for its burgers, brunch, and beer. Looking at all his snaps, yes, I am now #HungryInLA.

BONUS: This Instagram account is an accompaniment to the full Hungry In LA blog that features posts elaborating on the food and eateries Eddie references on Instagram. Check it out for his take on the LA food scene and more beautifully shot photos of So Cal restaurants and eats.

"Los Angeles, CA . Food Truck Rentals . Food Truck Booking for Events . Branded Food Truck Promotions . Catering"

The Food Truck Group is all about the food trucks (obviously) and I'm all about the food truck culture, ever since I found myself in an oasis of mobile eateries at FYF Fest 2014 and chowed down on a short rib burrito from the OG Kogi BBQ Taco Truck on BOTH days of the festival - because it was that good.

This Instagram account curates a collection of regrams showcasing offerings from food trucks from around the world. It's a cool peek into what kinds of dishes, remixes on traditional classics, and fusion cuisines are being hocked out of kitchens on wheels. The occasional LA mobile outpost will appear, giving me yet another truck to stalk in my area. Not that I'm complaining; I love a good food truck feast.

BONUS: This account regrammed my photo from my latest catch up with the Kogi truck. Check out that rainbow of salsas...I told you I love a good feast. 

"Food + Travel = ❤️ Stuffing my face around the world."

Stuffing her face around the world she is and she has some awesome photos to prove it. @girleatworld shares her worldly eating experiences through her signature style of snapping her snacks in front of an amazing background that showcases the culture and cuisine of wherever she's dining in the world. I really dig this concept so I've taken to using this style in a few of my own food shots.

This account is a gorgeous look into travel destinations and the bites they have to offer. Don't look too long though; you may catch the travel bug and find yourself eating a super tall ice cream cone while exploring the bustling streets of Seoul...not like that would be a terrible thing.

BONUS: @girleatworld gets by with a little help from her international friends - she shares pics from other traveling foodies shot in her style, so you can go around the world in 80 #girleatworld snaps.

"Donut lover. Pie enthusiast. Cake connoisseur. Find my sweet loving adventures at TheLetMeEatCake.com"

Donut lover? Pie enthusiast? CAKE connoisseur? This person is after my own dessert-loving heart. This person is Nastassia Johnson, a native to Los Angeles, a blogger, possibly my match in the tournament of biggest sweet tooth, and winner of most relatable Instagram username.

Nastassia's Instagram account is all about the sweet treats she eats in and around LA. So she's basically like my sugar fairy god mother, icing the path to delicious sweet eats in my vicinity. Cookies for breakfast, churros for lunch, a milkshake for snack, ice cream for dinner, and cake for dessert makes for a decent diet, right? My sweet cravings are telling me yes.

BONUS: Check out the full Let Me Eat Cake blog for more about Nastassia's "sweet loving adventures" from various cities. Plus, she has a collection of recipes for DIY dessert indulgence.

"Currently residing somewhere in the Right Hemisphere."

Mark Rosati is the culinary director of Shake Shack and who wouldn't want to know what the culinary director of SHAKE SHACK is eating?? Is my unabashed love for Shake Shack showing?

As culinary director of the burger mecca, Mark not only devises new burgers and develops new frozen custard and concrete flavors, he also travels to Shake Shack's international locations to explore the local cuisine and develop partnerships with local suppliers to incorporate local flavors into the Shack's menu items. Where do I sign up?

With a job description like that, you can bet Mark posts delicious shots from his culinary research that spans from New York and Chicago to Dubai and Moscow. You can also bet he eats a lot of burgers and frozen custard. I'm so jealous.

BONUS: I had the opportunity to hear Mark present about the frozen custard flavor development he does for Shake Shack while he demonstrated how to make the sweet treat at food festival Taste of London 2014. Totally cool. Check out this New York Times article and this Observer article to learn more about Mark's background and his foodie dream job - apparently a day at work for him consists of roaming NYC sampling different chocolate chip cookies. WHAT A LIFE.

Feeding you the best, newest and most underappreciated places and ways to eat, drink and travel.

I may have stumbled into the wrong bar on this one because Thrillist churns out media geared toward men. But its Instagram account is littered with mouth-watering snaps, so just call me one of the guys. The language of food is universal anyway, am I right?

You'll find a lot of things on the @thrillist account like bomb noms from food capitals around the country, the staff's meal of choice for the day, behind-the-scenes office snacks, the latest fast food item being sampled in the name of research, and recipes for things like apple pie nachos a la mode and pizza croutons. If you want to stare at a big fat meaty burger until you can almost taste its juiciness or gaze at a classic cookie sandwich until your sweet tooth hurts, then the variety of this account shall be your solace. Join me.

BONUS: Check out the Food & Drink section of Thrillist for food news, lists of food superlatives based on city, dish, and cuisine, and so much more food-related editorial goodness. Just have a leisurely browse while you snack on some Girl Scout cookies and sip some wine. I regularly consult this almighty food corner of the Internet for good eats in my neighborhood or my next travel destination.

"Chronicling my way back to London in food snaps, concert shots, travel photos, & dog portraits"

Ok, sorry, but I have to include my own Instagram account on this list because I actually eat all the food I post, rather than just longingly stare at it. Follow for a mix of food snaps from restaurants I frequent in my area, local favorites I try out, eateries I visit on my travels, eats I enjoy at home, ALL THE DESSERTS, and the sweets of my baking labor. And there's so much more where that came from.

I don't claim to be a trained expert on the culinary, I just have a passion for food, food, and more food. Good eating is good living, amen.

I hope I can serve as some sort of guide for you in your own foodie journey, just as these other Instagram accounts have for me. We can go out for a sundae date or burger date any time.

BONUS: My account also features my mini English bulldog, Heidi. And that's all that needs to be said about that.

Honorable mentions:

@food52 - Online cooking site and community serves up food-spiration, often with a weekly theme.

@latimesfood - Los Angeles Times Food staff exposes what they're eating in the Southland.

@symmetrybreakfast - Hackney, London-based couple shares their perfectly presented symmetrical breakfasts every morning for an aesthetically pleasing start to the day and a cuteness factor of 1,000.

@behindfoodcarts - Foodie duo spans the globe sampling street food and shares the experiences; the two of them even lived my dream and embarked on a food truck road trip across America.

@mister_krisp - NYC artist reimagines the world in rice krispies and marshmallow with her rice krispies treat sculptures of pop culture icons, emojis, and food.

Have any suggestions on the digitally social foodies I should be following?

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