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As Innovative as a Mexican Pizza

And as versatile as Taco Bell's customizable menu.

  • My marketing agency position has not only developed my digital marketing expertise in both organic and paid media channels, but has also given me the opportunity to focus on content marketing and creation for websites and blogs.
  • My consulting work has demonstrated my ability to design online marketing collateral and content that exceeds client's expectations and manage social media profiles to grow customer engagement and maintain customer loyalty. 
  • My blogging career has allowed me to execute creative concepts and engage with online audiences.

Bria's Current Taco Bell Favorites

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Bria +
Taco Bell

The Best Thing Since Seasoned Fries + Nacho Cheese Sauce

You could say I like Taco Bell.

Am I the founder and Presidente of Club T-Bell at my office? Yes.

Do I wear one of my many Taco Bell apparel items every Tuesday in honor of Taco Tuesday? Yes.

Did my first visit to a Taco Bell Cantina feel like a pilgrimage? Yes.

Is working at Taco Bell HQ my ultimate dream? HECK. YES.

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Career Cravings

There’s no denying my enthusiasm, passion, and appreciation for Taco Bell (ask any member of Wpromote’s Club T-Bell). Taco Bell's online and social media presence has always been something I've revered, from a marketer and customer point of view. Taco Bell campaigns made appearances in my writing assignments while studying marketing in college just as frequently as they make appearances in my Twitter and Instagram feeds. Admittedly, I get a notification on my phone every time you guys tweet so I don't miss the next new menu item release or the next round of Test Kitchen reservations.

I see working on the Social & Digital Experience Team as a way to exhilarate my craving for social and digital marketing and furthering my career in content creation for various channels to create an exciting, cohesive, and contemporary image for a brand that I love. I see it as an opportunity to start with a company I admire, stay with Taco Bell, and learn and grow with my favorite brand.