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As Innovative as a Mexican Pizza

And as versatile as Taco Bell's customizable menu.

  • My marketing agency position has not only developed my digital marketing expertise, but has also given me experience with handling multiple projects at once and navigating vendor partnerships.
  • My public relations work allowed me to handle different team dynamics and time manage competing deadlines.
  • My consulting work has demonstrated my ability to work individually with a self-starter attitude and design marketing collateral and content that exceeds client's expectations. 

Bria's Current Taco Bell Favorites

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Taco Bell + Bria

The Best Thing Since Seasoned Fries + Nacho Cheese Sauce


You could say I like Taco Bell.

Am I the founder and Presidente of Club T-Bell at my office? Yes.

Do I wear one of my many Taco Bell apparel items every Tuesday in honor of Taco Tuesday? Yes.

Did my first visit to a Taco Bell Cantina feel like a pilgrimage? Yes.

Is working at Taco Bell HQ my ultimate dream? HECK. YES.

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Career Cravings

There’s no denying my enthusiasm, passion, and appreciation for Taco Bell (ask any member of Wpromote’s Club T-Bell). I see working with the Taco Bell Design team as a way to exhilarate my craving for marketing and further pursuing a career in content creation for various channels to create an exciting, cohesive, and contemporary image for a brand that I love. I see it as an opportunity to start with a company I admire, stay with Taco Bell, and learn and grow with my favorite brand.