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A Foray into Fashion

I personally believe fashion is an artful form of personal expression. As a reserved and sometimes introverted person, I express my true personality through my clothing choices, which include western boots with metallic leather details, sequined t-shirts, and denim jackets straight from the 80s. My other personal passions, including music, inspire my fashion choices.

I encapsulated my interest in the relationship between fashion and music in the blog I founded and managed: Strokes Couture. Writing and designing for this music fashion blog not only provided a fulfilling hobby, but it also taught me writing for specific audiences. Creating graphics for posts and the site taught me how to design brand consistent aesthetics and effective website layouts that kept readers engaged. I also learned online community management through interacting with the blog's mass of followers who visited the blog from all over the world and sent in messages.

This fashion blogging venture made me realize that I love digital content creation, consumption, and marketing. Later in my career, I became interested in SEO and worked as an SEO account manager at a digital marketing agency.

As a new chapter is about to start in my life of moving to the San Francisco area, I would love to keep my passion for fashion alive through my career as well as continue to work in the SEO and content marketing field. Joining the Charlotte Russe team as the Associate Marketing Manager, SEO would allow me to do both!


Bria +
Charlotte Russe

The Perfect Jacket + Shoes Combo

My favorite items of clothing are jackets and shoes. These two pieces of an outfit serve practical purposes, but they also have transformative qualities for a look. With the basis of the perfect outfit, you can take it in completely different directions with your choice of outerwear and footwear. Go sporty with a bomber jacket and sneakers. Go night out cool with a leather moto jacket and sequined booties.

This same concept applies to team building. Once you've built a foundation of core members, you can influence the team's dynamic and productiveness by adding members to serve as the shoes and jacket. With me, as either the biker jacket or patent leather boots, you'll get acquisition marketing experience within the fashion retail industry, digital marketing experience, including SEO, SEM, and content marketing, a positive attitude, and flexibility with a dash of velvet and sequins. The team will love its new look and new Associate Marketing Manager, SEO.

Style In The Details

It's the details that make an outfit shine. Here are the details of my experience:

  • My current position as the acquisition marketing manager at an online fashion retailer has given me experience in navigating project management, prioritization, and workflow within a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Strategy pivots are common and I’m always ready with my “get it done” attitude. In my role, I also work cross-functionally with other departments, including the product management team which allows me to collaborate on testing new website features and functionalities for a better user experience, and in turn, improved conversion rates.

  • My time at digital marketing agency Wpromote honed my SEO and content marketing skills. Within my account manager role, I specialized in SEO and was put on the largest client account in the department at the time as one of two SEO managers. Along with my counterpart, we delved into the technical aspects of the site as well as the content strategy in order to improve a national restaurant chain’s organic search rankings. I took ownership of the content strategy of the brand’s site and blog and through a revised content and keyword strategy and the implementation of schema, the brand saw improved organic rankings (which included rich snippets) for popular recipe searches.

I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the Associate Marketing Manager, SEO role and discuss how my qualifications will help Charlotte Russe offer a destination for fashion lovers to flaunt their personal sense of style through increased online visibility and an optimal on-site experience.