Bria + Poshmark

A Foray into Fashion

I personally believe fashion is an artful form of personal expression. I express my true personality through my clothing choices, which include western boots with metallic details, sequined t-shirts, and denim jackets straight from the 80s. My other personal passions, including music, inspire my fashion choices.

I encapsulated my interest in the relationship between fashion and music in the blog I founded and managed: Strokes Couture. Creating content for this music fashion blog not only provided a fulfilling hobby, but it also taught community management through interacting with the blog's mass of followers who visited the blog from all over the world and sent in messages.

This fashion blogging venture allowed me to share my personal style with like-minded music fans as I researched bands’ fashion choices that influenced my own clothing choices. I found myself always shopping at thrift stores and vintage shops — places you can find unique pieces.

That’s what I think makes Poshmark an appealing (and pretty magical) platform. It opens up the thrill of thrifting and vintage hunting to everyone. As a digital marketplace for fashion, new and pre-loved, style enthusiasts are able to find that piece they’ve been searching for, whether that’s a pair of patterned Converse they saw their favorite singer wear or that leopard print coat they’ve been always wanting. Working at Poshmark as the Community Associate would allow me to join the Moderation team that maintains this corner of the internet where style wishes are granted in the most collaborative, interactive, and safe way.