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Career Cravings

There’s no denying my enthusiasm, passion, and appreciation for Taco Bell. Taco Bell's digital content strategy has always been something I've revered, from a marketer and customer point of view. My aspiration is to work at a creative company to shape the brand’s image online through original, innovative, and engaging digital content that allows the brand to live dynamically and seamlessly over various platforms.

I see working on Taco Bell's eCommerce Business Team as the eCommerce Content Producer as a way to exhilarate my craving for being an integral part of content creation for various channels to establish an exciting, cohesive, and contemporary image for a brand that I love. I see it as an opportunity to start with a company I admire, stay with Taco Bell, and learn and grow with one of my favorite brands.


Bria's Current Taco Bell Favorites

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Bria +
Taco Bell

The Best Thing Since Seasoned Fries + Nacho Cheese Sauce

You could say I like Taco Bell.

Am I the founder and former Presidente of Club T-Bell at my last office? Yes.

Do I wear one of my many Taco Bell shirts every Tuesday in honor of Taco Tuesday? Yes.

Did my first visit to a Taco Bell Cantina feel like a pilgrimage? Yes.

Is working at Taco Bell HQ my ultimate career goal? That would be like asking if the 7-Layer Burrito has seven layers. The answer is...DUH.

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As Special as a Mexican Pizza

And as versatile as Taco Bell's customizable menu.

  • My acquisition marketing manager role has sharpened my skills in working across multiple teams to accomplish one goal, serving as liaison among brand, product, and media teams to coordinate projects and guide alignment on customer acquisition strategy. I lend vital support to the running of digital marketing campaigns from beginning -- collaborating with senior management to strategize, delegating creative requests to the graphic design team, ensuring timely delivery of creative assets to campaign managers, designing and conducting A/B tests for onsite optimizations, coordinating with the brand team to ensure branding consistency  -- to end -- analyzing data and results of A/B tests and marketing campaigns against overall business KPI and communicating gathered insights to key stakeholders.
  • My marketing agency position has not only developed my digital marketing expertise in both organic and paid media channels, but has also given me the opportunity to focus on content marketing and creation for websites and blogs.
  • My consulting work has demonstrated my ability to design online marketing collateral and content that exceeds client's expectations, while understanding the customer mindset. 
  • My blogging career has allowed me to deliver creative concepts, from conceptualization to execution.