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Significant Snacking

I very much enjoy baking. That may not seem super interesting, but the way I got into baking and how I bake now is where it gets interesting. My passion for baking began a few years ago when, ironically, I was working out twice a day and restricting what I ate to lose weight. Baking desserts was almost a way to curb my sugar cravings as I was able to channel energy and focus into making a recipe. I was then able to vicariously enjoy the end results by giving the baked goods to my friends and family, satisfying and delighting those who received my boxes of cookies or trays of brownies. Since losing about 40 pounds over that year, I've become more mindful of what I eat, always trying to make my own food with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients so I know what exactly is going into my meals.

Since then, I’ve done more research into America’s food industry and other avenues of mindful living and decided to lead a vegan diet. Cooking vegan meals and finding delicious vegan snacks isn’t a chore for me — it’s more of a fun exploratory venture I like to pursue on the weekends, alongside my other favorite activities, which include hiking, traveling to national parks, camping, backpacking, and rock climbing.

My baking habit has continued, switching gears to create delectable vegan desserts and portable snacks and meals to serve as fuel and recovery on the trails, at the campsite, and on road trips. So that means I’m doing a lot of grocery shopping, looking for the best quality organic foods to power my on-the-move, food-loving, snack-addicted life. In my eyes, Thrive Market is an amazing and admirable company that makes it super simple for people like me to find and purchase those very foods, while also making it affordable for all types of people to live life to the healthiest through food that’s simple and products that are good for you and the environment. And if that means less time spent in grocery store aisles comparing labels and more time spent sharing food with loved ones and getting outdoors, then I’m in!

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Bria +
Thrive Market


Why Thrive Market?

I want to join the Thrive Market team to further spread the beneficial impact that healthful and mindful living can have on everyone. To share my love for food, my knowledge of vegan eating, and my passion for sweets as my career, all alongside like-minded individuals, would be a dream come true.

Plus, on Thrive Market, I can get all the necessary ingredients for those obligatory campfire s'mores. 

I want to be a part of Thrive Market because, in the the short term, I'd like to begin producing high quality, high value work for a trailblazing company, so, in the long term, I can have a lasting positive impact on the success of a brand that not only provides for its core audiences, but also takes actionable steps towards caring about its communities and the environment.

My passion for food and seeking out the best quality in what I incorporate into my lifestyle paired with my account and marketing management experience makes me the (organic) special sauce for the Thrive Market team.

  • My current acquisition marketing manager role puts me in the unique position of acting as liaison among the media, brand, product, and tech development teams, keeping appropriate stakeholders informed on current acquisition campaign progress and performance, marketing test status and results, and business KPIs. I’m in the crosshairs of developing ad creative and learning from data analysis. Within the media team, I work with the graphic designers to assign creative requests and ensure advertising assets are delivered on time to campaign managers, all while conducting A/B tests of onsite content.

  • My marketing agency position has not only developed my digital marketing expertise in both organic and paid media channels, but has also fine-tuned my ability to find a flow to manage multiple projects and work on various account teams, as well as helped me adapt my communication style to suit the needs of different clients, and allowed me to update and teach my colleagues on new SEO best practices.

  • My consulting work has demonstrated my ability to identify opportunities for growth via marketing, seeing a bakery through its transition from an online venture to a brick-and-mortar business.

  • My blogging hobby wasn't just something fun to do - it also taught me valuable writing skills to reach specific audiences as well as act as an editor and graphic designer.

Working at Thrive Market would allow me to be immersed in the health-conscious and delicious-loving lifestyle I strive to live every day and allow me to have the amazing opportunity share my outlook on healthy living with others through food, education, and action. And I’d be lucking enough to call it all my job!